Irina Trutescu

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“Marejda is another world, with calm, peace and balance. Just quiet your mind and let Elham heal you. When it’s done, you realize Marejda is your world also, because you take a piece of it every time.”

Ana Shima-Thimm

customeyes Testimonials

“You should definitely try the Cranio Sacral healing at Marejda. It will help you find peace and reconnect with your spirit.”

Birgit Bronak

customeyes Testimonials

“The best message in town! Elham offers real relaxation for stressed muscles and souls. Thank you very much!”

Anne Florence Cunningham

customeyes Testimonials

“Elham is incredibly talented. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She radiates intelligence and competence, and has a real gift for understanding minds and bodies. Her massages are truly therapeutic!”

Irene Lundekvam

customeyes Testimonials

“I have been to Elham several times for craniosacral healing and I just LOVE IT! Don’t know what she does but it works for me! Thank you!”

Luisa Carver

customeyes Testimonials

“Elham has gold hands that work marvels on my tense neck, shoulders and back. Her lovely disposition is certainly a plus. A wonderful experience every week!”

Elizabeth Barnhart

customeyes Testimonials

“The difference between a Marejda (Elham) massage and anything else you can get on the spa circuit is night and day. Elham has put time into training – – and listens and works with her clients. I’ve been having weekly massage for more than 15 years all around the world, and i can honestly say Elham is the best I’ve …


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